$16,491 of $38,000 goal

Total raised as of 3/14/19.

About the campaign

MYC would not exist without the generous support of philanthropists—people who catch a vision and financially support ideas that are meaningful to them. Sharing your story is an invitation for others to join the MYC community as cheerleaders, enthusiasts, and supporters.

All of us at MYC—singers, conductors, and staff, have an MYC story to tell. It’s MYChoir is about telling your story and sharing it with individuals who care about how you spend your time. Especially this semester as we consider the idea of legacy, we encourage you to think about little things making a big difference. Your “ripple” creates momentum and widens the circle. Your story is part of MYC’s legacy—please share it!

Information for MYC singers

Important Dates

February 3/4…Campaign begins

February 10/11…Make your plan

February 17/18…Launch your appeal

February 24/25…The “Big Send”

March 17/18…Turn-in Day!

“Madison Youth Choirs is a Dane County treasure, an inclusive arts experience for children of all abilities that truly serves to make Madison the special place it is. MYC lives and breathes a deep commitment to diversity, cultural relevance, children, and music.”

Teryl Dobbs, Ph.D.Associate Professor and Chair, Music Education, UW-Madison

“At MYC, wonderful learning takes place within a positive, creative environment where every singer is welcomed and valued, all are encouraged to become better peers and mentors to one another, and lasting friendships are forged.”

Jennifer C.MYC parent

“MYC’s conductors set a wonderful tone of excitement, good humor, and professionalism, tackling substantial issues and repertoire that are valuable not only for performers but for their families and audience members.”

Diane Garton EdieArtistic Director, Opera for the Young

“Thank you for ten years of music, love, friendship, and boundless learning. I can honestly say I don’t know who I’d be today without it.”

Sophia C.MYC member, 2004-2014

“MYC has helped my children and countless others to grow in confidence, express themselves through song, and find the music and poetry in their lives.”

Mary KMYC alumni parent