The MYC Legacy Society recognizes individuals who choose to make MYC the beneficiary of a planned gift, regardless of the amount. This year, in an effort that began as part of our 20th Anniversary Celebration Season, and thanks to our generous friend, Diane Ballweg, each new member added to our Legacy Society will result in a $10K donation to MYC, up to a maximum of $200K, or 20 new members. This special match will end in June 2024. 

Join us by filling out the form below or contact us to start a conversation. Alternatively, a PDF version of the form below can be downloaded, completed, and returned to us via any convenient means.

And if you haven’t yet made an estate plan, this is a great time to begin! Estate planning is one of the best ways to ensure that your vision for your own legacy comes to pass,  protecting your loved ones and celebrating the causes you treasure most. You can work with a financial advisor or attorney or use one of the many affordable, safe, and secure online estate planning tools now available, including FreeWillLegalZoom, and Rocket Lawyer. You can also feel free to use the sample language provided here to help you recognize MYC in your estate plans if you choose to do so.

Join this group of forward-thinking MYC enthusiasts:

(* Indicates new 2023-2024 Legacy Society members)

  • Alexis Buchanan & James Baldwin
  • Anonymous*
  • Sandra Barty
  • Laurie Frost & Jeff Henriques*
  • Kirsten Fruit & Michael Ross*
  • Lynn & Chad Hembel*
  • Paul Houseman*
  • Bradley Hutter*
  • Gwenº & Kenn JeSchonek
  • Lisa Kjentvet*
  • Bob & Lori Koeritzer*
  • Jim & Jennifer Lattis*
  • Kelly Miess & Susan Morrison*
  • Elizabeth Odders-White & Matthew Clayton
  • John & Eileen Pray*
  • Kris Rasmussen & Bob Factor
  • Dean & Orange Schroeder*
  • Roseann Sheridan*
  • Nicole Sparacino & Rob Kratz
  • Mary Stoffel & Rich Novotney*
  • Julie Verban
  • Ethan and Isabel White*

ºin memoriam

*new member in 2023/24

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