Family Fundraising

Fundraising is a vital part of Madison Youth Choirs’ financial health. The suggested family fundraising contribution goal, while not required, is an essential component of MYC’s annual budget. Since tuition covers roughly half of the actual cost of enrollment, we rely on the generosity of corporations, granting organizations, individual donors, and MYC families’ fundraising participation to close the gap. Thank you for participating in fundraising by exploring the options below. Information is added here as it becomes available.

Organic, free-trade coffee freshly roasted right here in Madison by Just Coffee Cooperative is available to purchase on a weekly basis through MYC. Each bag sold earns $5 toward your family fundraising goal. Omanhene cocoa is also available and earns $2 per unit sold. We will place an order each week on Tuesday if enough units (25) have been ordered. Watch the Weekly Notes each Thursday for more information.

Info Sheet and Product Menu

Coffee Order Form pdf

Electronic Coffee Order | Payment by check

Electronic Coffee Order | Payment by credit card